The Oblique Life presents ‘Sunday Night Live’

We live in the ‘concert generation’ where most of our live music experiences happen in large venues, watching our favourite artists perform at us. There is no questioning how amazing these performances are, but they will never be able to give the audience the truest musical experience.

This is why we are bringing you ‘Sunday Night Live’ where we want to give our audiences the best live music experience by putting FUN back into the night. We want to transform our venue into a haven where people will witness undiscovered, unheard and rising talent whilst letting loose, meeting new people and most importantly letting the music take over them! Sunday Night Live will not be the place where you finish your week, but instead start the new week with energy, happiness and life!

The gig will take place on the second Sunday of every month at Burlock (behind Selfridges) and will have the maintain the same format each session:
– Part 1: The first performance will 30 minutes long and normally an acoustic set by an artist that plays music for a hobby, wants a platform to perform to their friends or just wants to trial some new music
– Part 2: The second performance will be 1 – 1.5 hours long, headlined by an up and coming artist looking to launch an album or EP or an established artist that wants to perform their music

Keep track of all our upcoming gigs via The Oblique Life members APP, our website and all our social media pages. We look forward to enjoying countless nights of quality music with you in London’s new ‘Sunday Music Sanctuary’.

Upcoming & Past Sessions