Oblique Life Balance: February

“Summer Never Stops”

If you thought that winter and darkness are affecting your health than that could be true! Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is something that affects us every year and we don’t know what to do about it.

In the session we will working with Noam Sagi (Body Centred Psychotherapist) introducing SAD, it’s symptoms and ways of treatment in general. As SAD is a also called ‘The Winter Depression’ our conversation will concentrate on insights and ways of working with negative thoughts, difficult emotions and unwanted behaviour.

Coming from a business career which ranged from importing Bournemouth University academic programs in hospitality and tourism to Israel to VP for marketing and Sales at MSN, Noam’s passion is to inspire transformation to enable individuals and couples to grow, develop and find greater freedom and choice in life.

By working with you (not for you) in a coaching relationship, Noam aims to be a catalyst to help you to create the change in your life that you came in for. He works with a relational model of shared responsibility, and seeks to create independence and a positive dynamic mentor relationship with you where you can take the initiative to grow. His work is cutting edge, daring and unexpected, but always respectful. He is direct and supportive.

The session will be a 1 hour consultation with her and will take place at 58 Well Being Centre

The session is priced at £15 (£10 for Oblique Members).