MAKE IT HAPPEN – Service Terms

  1. If you are not a member of The Oblique Life, we charge a fee depending on the service provided which we will share with you before we ‘Make It Happen’.
  2. We will issue an invoice with a cost breakdown of all the various services provided, inclusive of our service fee prior to the service delivery date. (Members will receive the same excluding our fee).
  3. On successful delivery of the service, we hold a 7 day payment terms policy starting from the date of service completion. Any late payments after this 7 day period will be subject to a late payment interest fee of 15% per week unless prior agreement to waive this had been made.
  4. In some cases we may also request a deposit in order to confirm your service request.
  5. We hold a standard 72 hour cancellation policy for any confirmed service requests.
  6. For cancellations made after this grace period, although where possible we will do our best to recoup any costs already paid, the service requestor will remain liable for any costs that cannot be recouped including any fees we may charge for providing specialist service.
  7. Where non-refundable bookings need to be made, these will be highlighted to you in advance of them being placed and will be netted off against your deposit should you need to cancel for any reason.